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Truly amazing work! I feel like it is a great example of inspiration, not a total copy, but also a clear hint of an artist is shown in it.
Though the mastering sounds a bit muddy at parts, usually with the orchestral drums and just bass drum itself. The bass drum/kick sounds excessively punchy. But I do love what you have going here! Keep it up mate!

Sylux03 responds:

Thanks dude! I'll keep that in mind. ;)

Not sure if this is satirical or not, but even if it is, this is amazing quality! Definitely an improvement on your mixing from older songs I listen to still :) Diggin it man! Just wish I could master your style :P

I do love what you have started here! To be honest though using that piano from nexus is a risky move sometimes lol. I have a track I made a few years ago with that exact chord and sidechained the same way so I actually thought this was one of my songs at first lmao. I would say you should try and get creative with the pianos, they're not necessary and can always be replaced by pads of sorts. I love the pan flute you brought in though! The portamento on it is a nice touch, the melody is also fun and fits the bill of the vibe you were making here.

Overall, I would say just try and expand your library of plugins and such. Also, nice lead layering with the pan flute! Very good touch. Though I don't think that kick fits this type of a song to be honest.

Chliz responds:

Yea, I'm pretty new to this genre so I went for something generic and simple. I will try something more complex next time!

Aspiring composer and depressed human. But that's not uncommon these days. Feel free to ask me to review any of your works! I would love to.

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